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The New Jersey Handbook on Occupational Safety & Health, 2013 Edition

The New Jersey Handbook on Occupational Safety & Health, 2013 Edition
The New Jersey Handbook on Occupational Safety & Health, 2013 Edition, $129.95

The New Jersey edition includes all the content of the National Edition, plus an extra chapter about New Jersey's specific occupational safety & health programs, standards, contacts and resources.

Using this manual and CD, New Jersey employers can institute an effective safety and health management system that will protect employees, reduce accidents, and lead to lower premiums on workers' compensation. The CD will enable you to create your own safety and training manuals.

Remove the worry about surprise OSHA inspections and fines. Learn what your workplace needs to do to identify and mitigate hazards that lead to employee accidents.

The New Jersey Handbook handbook contains:

  • New Jersey Workplace Safety: a review of Program Assistance for Private Employers; New Jersey assistance for the SHARP Program; Health and Safety Assistance for Public Employers; Safety Training Centers and Programs in New Jersey; OSHA Training Institute Courses in New Jersey; and actual examples of workplace safety and health violations and penalties imposed by OSHA
  • All About OSHA: What to Know and What to Do, a plain-English introduction
  • Safety and Health Self-Assessment worksheet you can use to assess your current safety and health management system
  • Guide to building a safety and health management system (SHMS)
  • Guide to creating your own Safety Program
  • Your 58-point SHARP Action plan, to help guide your organization toward SHARP Certification
  • Reference resources to help you locate supplemental OSHA resources, standards and training materials for your workplace and for special workplace conditions and requirements — federal agency websites, national associations, online databases and information centers, and research and education centers.
  • More than 150 pages of sample forms, plans and worksheets to copy and modify based on your particular industry and working conditions. Use these as building blocks to create your own plans and programs.
  • CD with sample workplace and SHARP documents, including three important manuals ready to download and revise for your company use:
    1. A customizable Company Safety & Health Manual,
      already set up in Microsoft Word so you can modify it, remove irrelevant material and add pertinent material to make it relate to your own workplace.
    2. A customizable Company Safety & Health Training Manual, with extensive materials that can be modified or augmented to meet the needs of your workplace.
    3. A customizable SHARP Action Plan and Application, with typical materials that you can adapt and use to begin preparing for SHARP Certification.