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Sponsored Editions

Are you an insurance company or agency selling workers' compensation insurance? Do you offer workplace liability insurance? Are you helping your clients address safety issues?

Are you a health and safety consultant seeking to expand your market? Do you have a business in the occupational safety and health field?

Make our National Handbook on Occupational Safety & Health work for you while it helps your clients and customers by ordering a special edition customized with your company name, logo or brand. Our custom branded and sponsored editions can even include an extra chapter tailored to your needs.

What We Will Do

  • Work with your staff to compile a special chapter to your specifications, up to 20 pages long.
  • Provide the customized editorial work to create your sponsored edition at no charge.
  • Make selective changes to the rest of the book that you designate.
  • Work with you to create an Official Workplace Safety & Health Handbook for your clients and customers.
  • Add a Guest Editor (of your choosing) to be listed on the cover.
  • Add your logo and company name to the cover.
  • Produce three "Proof Copies" of your customized edition for review and correction.
  • Ask you to purchase a minimum of 50 copies at the discounted price of $103.95 (a 20% discount).
  • Continue to offer the discounted price on additional orders of 25 or more copies.

How to Use Your Sponsored Edition

  • Make it a part of your Training Programs for Employers.
  • Bring a copy to the workplaces your staff visits.
  • Incorporate the Handbook in your OSHA Consultation Program.
  • Promote the Handbook to expand interest in workplace safety.

Contact Us Today!

For more information about creating a custom sponsored edition of The Employer's Handbook for your company, call us at 617-945-8300, or send us an email.